What is HD-CAB?

An introduction to HD-CAB and why the coalition of partners decided to join this global initiative.

Listen to Astri Arnesen, EHA President, Svein Olaf Olsen, IHA President, and Hayley Hubberstey, HDYO Board Chair.

HD-CAB One Global Voice

The main mission of the HD-CAB is to represent the voice of the global HD community and provide the unique expertise of living with HD to stakeholders relevant for therapeutic development. In this video, you will be able to see what we are doing in HD-CAB.

How HD Family members influence drug development

During our last HD-CAB Advisory Board Meeting in Scotland, we were able to interview some of our Team Members and ask them about their experience and what kind of perspectives HD-CAB add to clinical research.

The importance of patient involvement in research

Astri Arnesen, HD-CAB management board member, invited Dr Cheney Drew for a short interview about the importance of patient involvement in research.

The voice of the Huntington's Disease community

Watch this emotional video to understand how important and unique the voice of the HD community is. Some of the HD-CAB members participated in this May Awareness Month campaign 2022.

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