Training: European Medicines Agency Processes for Marketing Authorisation and Patient Involvement

Maria Mavris will be presenting the next training session.  She works for the European Medicines Agency and has a wealth of experience with rare disease drug development and patient relations.  She will explain what’s involved in granting marketing authorization in Europe and how the agency gets patients involved.  Although Maria’s focus will be on Europe, she will also touch on the US (FDA) process so it will be valuable learning for all of us, given that most countries look to either the EMA or FDA when they consider marketing authorization. This is an internal training for Team Members

Novartis Adboard

Novartis is having a 3 hour adboard with 10 HD-CAB team members, to learn more about Huntington Disease and discuss more about their upcoming trial. Considering to have an ad board or consult HD-CAB? For any inquiries about ad boards or consulting HD-CAB, please contact our Operational Manager Tina Leggett:

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